Lars Rohwedder, ph.D.

About me

I work as a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical computer science. I am excited to be part of Ola Svensson’s group at EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland). Before that I have received my Ph.D. in computer science at CAU, Kiel (Germany) where I was adviced by Klaus Jansen. I am alumni of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation). Recently I have served in the program committee of WAOA’20.

In my personal life, I’m married and I have two dogs and two cats. Some of my hobbies can be seen in the gallery below.

You can find my CV here.

My wife Faiza and I have married in fall 2019.

Beer brewing

One of my hobbies is to brew my own beer.

Winter sports

I'm a big fan of winter sports, in particular, of snowboarding.

The dogs

Doing dog things on Gornergrat.

Research Interests

My research focuses mostly on algorithms in theoretical computer science. I am interested in combinatorial optimization, approximative and parameterized algorithms. Most of my work is connected to scheduling and (integer) linear programming.


You can also find a list of my publications on Google Scholar or on DBLP.
Learning Augmented Energy Minimization via Speed Scaling
Etienne Bamas, Andreas Maggiori, Lars Rohwedder, Ola Svensson - NeurIPS'20
Block-Structured Integer and Linear Programming in Strongly Polynomial and Near Linear Time
Jana Cslovjecsek, Friedrich Eisenbrand, Christoph Hunkenschröder, Lars Rohwedder, Robert Weismantel - SODA'21
Additive Approximation Schemes for Load Balancing Problems
Moritz Buchem, Lars Rohwedder, Tjark Vredeveld, Andreas Wiese - manuscript
The Combinatorial Santa Claus Problem or: How to Find Good Matchings in Non-Uniform Hypergraphs
Etienne Bamas, Paritosh Garg, Lars Rohwedder - manuscript
Robust Algorithms under Adversarial Injections
Paritosh Garg, Sagar Kale, Lars Rohwedder, Ola Svensson - ICALP'20
Algorithms for Integer Programming and Allocation
Lars Rohwedder - Ph.D. thesis
Near-Linear Time Algorithm for n-fold ILPs via Color Coding
Klaus Jansen, Alexandra Lassota, Lars Rohwedder - ICALP'19
Local Search Breaks 1.75 for Graph Balancing
Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder - ICALP'19
Approximation Results for Makespan Minimization with Budgeted Uncertainty
Marin Bougeret, Klaus Jansen, Michael Poss, Lars Rohwedder - WAOA'19
Online Bin Covering with Limited Migration
Sebastian Berndt, Leah Epstein, Klaus Jansen, Asaf Levin, Marten Maack, Lars Rohwedder - ESA'19
On Integer Programming, Discrepancy, and Convolution
Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder - ITCS'18
A Note on the Integrality Gap of the Configuration LP for Restricted Santa Claus
Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder - Information Processing Letters
Compact LP Relaxations for Allocation Problems
Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder - SOSA'18
A Quasi-Polynomial Approximation for the Restricted Assignment Problem
Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder - IPCO'17
Structured Instances of Restricted Assignment with Two Processing Times
Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder - CALDAM'17
On the Configuration-LP of the Restricted Assignment Problem
Klaus Jansen, Lars Rohwedder - SODA'17


INJ 131 (Bâtiment INJ)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne
+41 21 693 5219
contact at larsrohwedder dot com